About Us

Set Sail for an Aquatic Adventure with Canopus Marine

With personalised cruise and watersports activities, Canopus Marine stands at the forefront of maritime escapades in Port Blair.

As a leader in port operations and craft management, we offer a full spectrum of services, ensuring your aquatic getaway is not only safe but also memorable. From vessel arrivals and cargo handling to berthing services, we take care of it all with a focus on your comfort and security.

We have crafted unique and memorable experiences across all our specialised cruise packages.

With our flagship offerings like the Semi Submarine for Day Cruising, we invite guests to experience the breathtaking wonders of Andaman aboard a glass boat ride. Enjoy an evening of dining, live music, and dance performances amidst panoramic views of the ocean with our unique Dinner Cruising package.

Each cruise is designed to blend adventure with luxury, offering a close encounter with the underwater beauty that surrounds Port Blair.

Our range of water sports activities include scuba diving, parasailing, and jet skiing, each promising its own brand of fun and thrill.

Join us at Canopus Marine, where every journey is a story waiting to unravel, promising personal service, safety, and ample coastal adventures.