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Experience the Thrill of Jet Skiing

600Per Person

Choosing Canopus Marines for your jet skiing quest means you are opting for an experience that combines safety, convenience, and excitement. Whether you are looking for a quick adrenaline rush or an extended ride across the waves, our jet skiing package has something for everyone.

With jet skis gliding across the waters at high speeds, discover hidden coves and scenic spots that are unchartered by many. Pack your sunscreen, wear something comfortable, and get ready to explore the coastline from a unique perspective.

If you are a thrill seeker, opt for an adventurous manoeuvre as you jump over waves, make sharp turns and spin in the air under the guidance of our instructors. We offer flexible jet skiing options tailored to fit different preferences and durations.

Package Details:

  • Duration:

2 Minutes Jetski Ride: Priced at Rs 600, this quick ride is perfect for those who want to experience jet skiing for the first time. It offers a brief taste of speeding over waves, making it ideal for beginners or those with tight schedules.

5 Minutes Jetski Ride: For Rs 1000, extend your adventure a bit longer. This option allows riders to get more comfortable with the jet ski controls and enjoy a thrilling dash across the coastline.

8 Minutes Jetski Ride: At Rs 1500, the 8-minute ride gives you ample time to explore the nearby waters and enjoy the rush of jet skiing at a leisurely pace.

12 Minutes Jetski Ride: The longest option available is the 12-minute ride for Rs 2000. This package is excellent for those who truly want to savour the experience, offering enough time to fully engage with the sport and explore a wider area around the jetty.

  • Frequency:
  • Boarding Point: Phoenix Bay Jetty (PMB Gate), Port Blair
  • Pricing: Rs. 600-2000 per person, based on duration of flight *Includes all necessary equipment (life jacket, wetsuit, personal flotation device, goggles, etc.) and expert guidance.


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